What's JLA map

ようこそJLA mapへ。
JLA mapは、JLAUおよびJLAU会員が運営するランドスケープ・アーキテクチュアのガイドマップです。
JLA mapには、JLAU会員が携わった現代ランドスケープ作品を中心に、日本庭園等の歴史・文化的作品、それら作品の発想の源泉となる国内の海・山・川等の自然景観を地図上にマッピングしています。
マップ上の作品等は、継続的にJLAU会員が投稿するシステムとなっていますので、JLA mapには完成がありません。

About us



Japan Landscape Architects Union Declaration

  Our profession of Landscape Architect (L.A.) was born in 1865 when “The Central Park” was built over 150 years ago. The L.A. profession is now universally known. The establishment of Japanese L.A. professional association had been envisioned by all the “Registered Landscape Architect (RLA)” for over 10 years. We, RLA members, are united here again, currently developing this “JLAU” organization all together.
  “JLAU” recognizes that the comprehension of nature and the social contribution to society must be a common perception, with collaborative professionals, those who understand and occupy our interest in the mission of L.A.s, and as the stake-holders working together to push forward the boundaries towards a brighter future. Suppose L.A.s are ‘Earth Persons’, we require ‘Wind Persons’ as the (supporters) to collaborate and create livable communities and region together. Thus L.A.s can take the initiative to create a resilient and sustainable community. Therefore, we would like to use the word ‘Union’ in our united organization’s name in order to establish a more holistic, integrative and international organization to promote the landscape profession. JLAU has determined passion to promote and establish a powerful L.A. Union and our projects.
  Two years have passed since the Tohoku earthquake and Tsunami disaster. The community requires more professional L.A. who can solve the problems by taking more diverse approaches. To make creative projects, deep knowledge and diverse experience, and wide human networking are the mandatory requirements. JLAU shall create clear visions, and share approaches towards the creation of a better environment.
  We believe that Landscape Architects can contribute to the society through creation of landscapes, thus we grow as the professionals by challenging difficult situations. Only those who contribute to society and self-actualize make L.A.s to be very special and bright profession for the future of people.